Pricing models

You certainly have already thought carefully about the distribution of your goods. An option is to fulfill yourself the packaging and delivery of your products. But we are convinced that you prefer to focus your attention on the quality and sales of your product. Etheclo, at the contrary, has a strong track record in the cold chain logistics of your products. We can offer the pricing models hereafter.


A lease-purchase contract presupposes a long term relationship in which you hire for a determined period the boxes and eutectic plates and buys them afterwards at the residual value.

This allows a better spread of your resources and gives you at the same time your necessary stock of material to serve your customers in the best possible way.  

The material will remain in a good condition. If it appears to malfunction during the hiring period (under normal conditions of use), it will be replaced by Etheclo. After the lease period, the material becomes your property.

You will get online access to Etheclomonitor if you choose this option. 

You don't have to worry about the hardware: Etheclo makes sure everything works flawlessly. We integrate the antenna and / or gateway for temperature monitoring and regularly check their proper functioning.

Sales & services

You become the owner of the material from the outset and you pay for the monitoring periodically. For a limited amount you get access to Etheclomonitor, you can create your own reports and send them to your recipients.

You can set or change alarms for each product group and indicate who should receive alarms.

You can even create and manage your own users. This way you can optimally enjoy all the functionalities of our cloud platform and you can convince your customers of the safety of your goods.