Logistic model

Ethecloboxes and sensors fit in each logistic model. But we guarantee a high security level combined with a lower carbon footprint and better mobility. Find hereafter our way of working.

Climate chamber test

Etheclo has its own calibrated climate chamber in which we made hundreds of succesful climate simulations. This allows us to propose the most appropiate cooling profile for each customer.
On your request, we can send you test reports.

Your coolboxes, eutectic plates and infrastructure

We give you advice... but you decide about the number of coolboxes and eutectic plates you need in function of your business.
Depending on the formula your prefer, you will receive also sensors and gateways.

Preparation of your shipment

Before you plan a shipment, you need to store/ freeze your eutectic plates on the correct temperatures. Verify their state before use.
Then, prepare your order at the required operational temperature and put the address labels on your coolboxes.

If you work with Etheclomonitor, you will launch a trip in order to follow the evolution of your temperatures.

Your transporter picks up the goods

Your transporter picks up your orders and transports them to one or more HUBS with non refrigerated trucks.

He stores your coolboxes and groups them per distribution round

He stores the coolboxes on a clean and dry place (not refrigerated).

According to your case, we can place some gateways to capture the temperature data of your boxes.

The delivery of your orders

Your transporter will make the deliveries corresponding to the agreements you made with him.

In any case, the Etheclobox will remain closed until the delivery moment at the doorstep of your recipient.

At that moment, your order will be taken out the Etheclobox and delivered to the consumer.

The return of the Etheclobox

The Etheclobox is not a single use or disposable item. It has been designed to guarantee a high performance, even after dozens of uses.
Therefore, it returns to the HUB of the transporter after the delivery round and it will be brought back to you (merchant/producer) at the next pickup moment or in a separate round.