The Etheclobox for your B2B deliveries

Are your aware of the fact that the use of refrigerated vehicles for the transport to all your distribution points is very likely an expensive solution...where the Etheclobox could be a valid alternative. By the use of the Etheclobox, you wouldn't need a refrigerated vehicle to deliver your chilled or frozen products to your customers. More reliable and more safe since the cold chain won't be broken at any moment. More profitable since you don't need investments in extra vehicles and you reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

Cold chain intelligence

Temperature sensitive parcels are no ordinary shipments. They have to comply with strict rules to ensure that temperatures are respected and monitored. And this can be done in a smart way. The coolbox from Etheclo can be equipped with different temperature sensors which store periodically the measured temperatures and transmit them to our cloudplatform, Etheclomonitor. 

Etheclomonitor shows you the evolution of your temperatures and allows you to reassure your customers that their packages have been sent in the best possible conditions to keep them fresh and healthy.

Increase your B2B flexibility with these boxes

Your personalized box

Personalized box

Our isothermal shipper can be customized in function of you specific needs. In that case, we will work out together an individual project from prototype to final design which we will test thoroughly in our climate chamber according to your requirements.

Our lower box

Lower box

Isothermal box for smaller volumes (18l) of temperature sensitive goods.
Can guarantee the inner temperatures for 36 hours.
This box can also be equipped with a temperature sensor and has a unique GS1 barcode

Our main box

Our main box

Isothermal box for shipments (30l) of temperature sensitive goods, up to 36 hours.
Optionally equipped with a temperature sensor.
Has a unique GS1-barcode identifier for optimal tracking.


There are plenty of possibilities. How can Etheclo contribute to the success of your story ? Let's think in and around the box and work out the most appropiate solution.