Monitoring & cloud platform

Food and healthcare products are very sensitive to temperature variations. Therefore, they should comply with strict rules for temperature ensurance and monitoring. In this respect, Etheclo can deliver sensors which store the measured temperatures and transmit them to our cloud platform, Etheclomonitor, via gateways or other devices. Etheclomonitor will show the evolution of your temperatures and possible breaches, if any.

Follow the temperatures of the Etheclobox in Etheclomonitor via gateways and sensors

Temperature monitoring

Etheclo uses different techniques to register, store and transmit the temperatures of your shipments in Etheclomonitor.

The easines of use and data exchange are paramount requirements and that's why we place 1 sensor on a fixed place into the Etheclobox. Corresponding to your needs, extra sensors can be added.

The placement of 1 fixed sensor has the advantage that your goods are always monitored in the same way, an essential requirement for a reliable follow-up of your data.

An algorithm translates the data of the fixed sensor into predictive temperatures of your shipments, a solution which is highly appreciated by the majority of our customers since it leads to time savings and lower costs.

For our customers who require more precise measurements for high value goods, additional sensors can be placed between the goods because Etheclomonitor makes it possible to combine different sensors in 1 shipment.

Inidividual monitoring

We can move a step forward : via Etheclomonitor you can register your shipments and activate them...via your logistic partner we can obtain the delivery moments of your shipments and find out how long your shipment has been travelling.

If, at any moment of a trip, a cold chain breach has been detected, Etheclomonitor will warn your logistic partner that the delivery of the shipment is not allowed and will prevent in this way a non compliant delivery.

Via Etheclomonitor, you can make and draw your own reports and submit them to third parties if required.
Capture boxes with the unique GS1 code and monitor them in Etheclomonitor