Your personalized box

Our isothermal shipper can be customized in function of you specific needs. In that case, we will work out together an individual project from prototype to final design which we will test thoroughly in our climate chamber according to your requirements.

  • Personalized box



Depending on the required volume

Useful capacity

Max. content and weight : to be determined


Solid and light material (EPP)


150 to 250 re-usable


Autonomy in function of your needs


Wireless with storage of data


GS1-barcode for 1D & 2D scanning

Options & pricing

Temperature monitoring
We like to discover your story - how can we contribute to your succes ?

Let's think in and around the box...and work out a personalized solution for your business.
Is temperature monitoring something for you?

The Etheclobox can be equipped with a temperature sensor that allows you to follow the temperature of your chilled and frozen products via Etheclomonitor.

Of course, you could even use our sensors and monitoring platform without the boxes to monitor your storage or vehicles...

And if needed, we develop your personalized box in function of your products.

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