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  • November 20th, 2018
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Etheclo op Hospital of the future 2018

Etheclo will take part in the company pitches at Hospital Of The Future, in the good company of Vergaert (B), Tenco-DDM (B), imec (B-NL), ICT (NL), Involve Ethics (NL) and Constructing Connectivity.

During this event, the goal will be to showcase the research done by the universities in the Euregion Meuse-Rhin. Next to that the event aims to lift the crossborder cooperation in the euregion Meuse-Rhin on the topic of “Hospital of the future” to a higher level.

There where the focus will be on the link between hospitals and research before noon, the event will focus on industrial coorperation in the afternoon. For this afternoon session, there is still some room for pitches of interesting companies.

This event brings together 3 stakeholders in the innovation roadmap of healthcare institutions: the hospitals or caretakers, the research communities in the universities and knowledge institutes and finally the industrial partners, active in the Smart Health domain.